Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prep work

April is a month that is slightly emotional for me.   From the 14th to about the 20th I'm a little on edge and my mind sometimes gets the best of me.  But for as emotional as I am during April, come May I'm a mess!  This year I'm fearing it'll be even worse... This year all the dates fall on the same day as the year Ally was born.  May 10th is Monday, Mothers day is the 13th and the 14th is the Monday following Mother's day.  It may be that it doesn't matter all that much and I just have the normal emotions that I've had every year since Ally was born.  I'm doing some "prep work" to maybe get my emotions under control.  That along with some other things are making me super emotional.  What do you do every year to prepare for your birth child's birth day and placement day?