Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spotlight... Josh and Terra

I want  you all to meet some AMAZING people! 
 Josh, Terra, Caleb and Corbin Cooper

I met Terra almost a year ago.  She was the amazing photographer for my brother and sister-in-law.  You can view her photograph website HERE.  I'm super excited for this spot light.  You know when you spend time with someone and have no idea adoption has touched their life and then down the road a few months find out it has.  It's such an amazing feeling having that type of bond with people.  I had no idea Terra was a HAP (Hopeful Adoptive Parent) while she was doing my brothers engagements, birdal/groomals, and wedding.  I found out a few months later and was so touched.  Terra has such a great personality.  She was so fun to get to know.  Here is a their Q&A.

Q: Tell a little about yourselves (your names, age, where you live, when adoption first touched your
lives, and anything else you feel comfortable sharing with my readers).
A: Josh is 35, a 3D graphics designer and loves being a dad. He also loves going camping, playing video games, cooking (he is always coming up with new recipes), playing sports, and building/creating things.
Terra is 32, a professional photographer, and loves being a mom. She also loves having friends over to play games, go carts, laser tag, playing hide and seek with her boys (she is the best hider in the house ;D) and designing.
Caleb is 7, loves building things with Legos, playing superheroes and playing with (teasing) his little brother. He is very artistic and loves to draw, is great at math and is very social-everyday he asks me which friend he can play with.
Corbin is 3 (almost 4), loves Batman, Ninjago and his "bruder". He loves playing on my iPad or phone-especially Angry Birds, playing with friends, jumping on the trampoline and reading books. He is a Papa's boy and loves to snuggle (which mommy loves!)
We live in Utah, along with almost all of our family. It is nice to have everyone so close. We have seen many of our friends adopt and can see how it has blessed their lives.

Q: Tell a little bit about your journey towards adoption.
A: We have always known we would adopt some day. Adoption is such an amazing process and we are so blessed to be able to participate in it. Our adoption journey began almost ten years ago when I was told that I would most likely not be able to have biological kids, and if I did, it would be hard to carry them. Although the first part of that wasn't true, the last part was. Short version includes a miscarriage, followed by a baby born 10 weeks early (Caleb-3 lbs 3oz), a baby that I was in labor with/bedrest/hospital stays for 10 weeks (Corbin-5 lbs 14 oz) and now know that this is the right time to adopt and are so excited to see what happens! We also are hoping for an open relationship with our birth family that will be best for everyone involved.
Our child will always know how much their birth parents loved her and their sacrifice will never be forgotten in our home. We are so thankful for the opportunity we have to complete our family through adoption. We will be forever thankful to our birthparents.

Q: What do you feel has been the biggest obstacle for you while hoping to adopt?
A: I think it is learning patience and not being able to control your situation. I like to have control over things in my life, and have learned that this will not be one of them. Having said that I think there are more obstacles to come and we are ready (we hope!) for the roller coaster ride!!

Q: How did your families react when you decided to adopt?
A: We have been talking about doing it for years, so it wasn't a shock to them. They are excited to add another member to our family.

Q: What is the most nerve wracking thing about waiting to hear from a birth mother?
A: It is so nerve wracking! We have had one birth mother contact us and you worry about every word you write, try not to be over anxious-which is hard- and check your email FAR too many times in a day. Getting an email is like Christmas!

Q: Have you ever had a face-to-face meeting with a birth mother?
If yes what were your feelings in preparing for it and after meeting the birth mother?
A: No, just email.

Q: What advice to do you have for couples you are preparing to adopt?
A: Showcase your family as they really are and don't try to be someone you are not. Your birth family will be attracted to something about YOU that makes you unique. Try not to get overwhelmed with looking at everyone else's profiles and comparing yourself to them.

Q: What advice do you have for couples that are starting the process of adoption (filling out the
paper work type stuff)?
A: Give yourself a realistic timeline for completing your profile/paperwork/home study etc. Once it is done, try to live your life normally, have fun and try not to let it consume you.

Q: What would you say to women who are pregnant and considering their options?
A: We would say that you are the only one who can make the best decision for your baby, whether it is to parent or to place for adoption. Spend a lot of time on your knees asking God for help in answering your questions. We also would say to get support, whether it is from family, friends or a counselor. There are many free services for mothers and sometimes the best person to talk to is someone that is not close to the situation.

You can view Terra and Josh's Adoption blog HERE.
You can also see their adoption profile HERE
AND... for your viewing pleasure here is their video.  Seriously it's pretty awesome!


Shannon North said...

Totally LOVE Terra! This family is amazing!

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I would have to agree with you!