Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I will admit I use to be a GLEEK.... I however have NO desire to EVER watch the show again.... Why?  Because of the HORRIBLE portrayal of adoption on the last episode.  If you've never seen it before it's a musical type show that up until recently has been very interesting in it's portrayal of adoption.

You must understand that Quinn got pregnant by Puck and they choose to place their baby (Beth) for adoption with Shelby.
Shelby is also Rachel's birth mother.  Shelby has attempted multiple times to have a relationship with Rachel.
Rachel, Quinn, and Puck are all member of the Glee club....

I use to love the fact that a birth mother was an adoptive mother (Shelby).  It hit home with me.  I could relate to that... until in this episode she had someone pay her way into the school so that she could be closer to Rachel.  Many times Rachel has stated she isn't ready for a relationship with her birth mother.  As a birth mother if Ally came to me and stated she needed space or wasn't ready... I'D TAKE THE FRICKIN HINT!
It was wonderful to see that Shelby was wanting to have an open adoption with Quinn and Puck as long as they "got their lives in order".  My heart was warmed during the scene when Puck met his birth daughter and stated that he "would do anything to be part of her life."  I wish Ally had that kind of a birth father.... My heart also broke during the scene that Quinn saw a picture of her birth daughter and became very emotional.  I don't know how it would be to go a long period of time without seeing Ally (or seeing pictures).  I can only imagine the pain that my heart would feel.  But then the crap hit the fan....
I just about threw the remote at the TV when in the ending scene Quinn stated she was becoming who she needed to be to please everyone.  And then just about barfed when she said she was going to fight for full custody of the baby she had placed for adoption.  GLEE why do you do this to me?!  Why do you have to spin such a positive and wonderful thing into something that looks so awful.  Yes there is grief that is involved but come on now... the extent they took Quinn to was obscene.
I was utterly disgusted when Sue told Quinn she "lost her kid."  I mean if I was told that at a time while I was struggling with the placement there's no way I'd be able to hold it together.  I just don't know if I can handle watching it any more.


Parenthood has added adoption into their show.  I haven't watched much Parenthood and I'm a bit behind on things but the 2 episodes I did watch I wasn't impressed with what they've shown... First off a main character asked the coffee girl at work (Zoe) if she could have the baby that she was placing for adoption.  And then when Zoe said no she started avoiding her.  REALLY!!!!  come on!!!  The reason Zoe gave was that she wanted a closed adoption and couldn't handle "giving the baby away to someone she knows."  I just wish that once... just once the media could get the terms right.

Birth mothers DO NOT give their babies away.  We place them for adoption, or place them with their parents.  It was horrible how many times adoption language was used incorrectly.  If you're doing a story on adoption... get your facts straight FOX and NBC!

So yes this is all my opinion but I know I'm not the only one..... I'm not the only birth mother that was upset by a few things.  You can read about more HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

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Monika said...

Yup. You're definitely not the only birthmom that was upset by hearing about those shows. I don't watch either show - never have. Now I have no desire to watch the shows.