Monday, October 31, 2011

Worth Waiting

This movie was sent to me by my mother.  On of my brother's responded with... Are you trying to make me feel guilty for eating the chocolate chip?  I laughed so hard!  I have SO many days were I wish I would have waited.  I am grateful for the blessing that Ally was in my life and the blessing that Cayden is in my life every day.  It doesn't change the fact that mistakes were made in my past.   My father has been quoted many a times as saying "One poor choice does not constitute another."  I made a choice by having premarital sex but I didn't continue to make poor choices.  I choose what I felt was best for my child and I placed her in a home with loving parents who were ready and able to care for her.  Any way... watch the video.  It's rather eye opening I think.

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Crystal Renee said...

I so would have waited to eat that big ol cupcake compared to that morsel!

Nice video!