Saturday, November 12, 2011

Adoption Walk with Me

This year we added the 6th Annual Adoption "walk with me" 5K.  It was GREAT.  Cold... but GREAT!
 The best part... everything was Orange.  Cayden's favorite color is Orange and he was THRILLED that mommy was wearing orange and that everyone else would be wearing orange.

 Cayden walked in celebration if his birth mom Jordan.  He loved it!
 He also loved the fire trucks that were there... TOTAL hit with him!
I was able to meet a few friends IRL for the first time such as Stefanie and Sonya.  It's great to make connections because of adoption.  And I was able to hang out with Alli and Sterling and Emily.  I LOVE them all dearly!  I am SO grateful for adoption and the blessings that it has brought into my life.  I love celebrating adoption, sharing adoption, and living adoption.  I hope that if you have been touched by adoption you will do something to celebrate adoption this month.


JLBills said...

now i am crying cuz i couldnt go....

Alli & Davin said...

Awe, I love you too!