Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guest Post

I was asked to be a guest blogger on a little blog called BirthMom Buds (it's really not that little. HA!)  I was honored to be thought of and the topic is something that recently a few of my friends have dealt with as well.  Pregnancy after placement.  There are emotions and birth mothers face after placement that after a while become stagnant.  And then you get pregnant again (even if it's a wanted pregnancy) and all these crazy emotions start coming out.  There wasn't anyone there to tell me what I was going through happened to alot of birth mothers.  There wasn't anyone to tell me it was normal to feel certain things.  SO I'm sharing my story post placement as much as I can.  You can click HERE to read the post I did.  I'd love your feedback!

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BirthMom Buds said...

Thanks again Katelyn for guest blogging! :)