Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dropping out

In high school I had gotten a 1 year scholarship to the school of my choice. At the time I planned on going to SLCC to do their Rad. Tech program. I found out I was pregnant the very beginning of my first semester between being too tired to go to class and throwing up in the middle of class my first semester was MISERABLE! I decided that I was going to try and go another semester. I took a few classes that I thought would be easy and one hard class. But I continued to get sick during class and with working a full time job was often too tired to go to class. The realization hit me that I wasn't going to be able to finish college. I had just wasted a year scholarship and was going to have to drop out. I felt so defeated. Left out in the dark with no one to help me get through all the struggles that I had been through and everything that would be coming up in the future. I decided at that point that college would just have to wait. I'd go back after the baby. Do what I wanted after I placed the baby and felt like I had my life back. I didn't think that 3 years later I'd still be without a degree. I'd still be wondering when I'll ever get to go back to school. I wonder many days if I'd not gotten pregnant where my life would be. What kind of degree I would have. How I would be doing financially. But then I look at Ally and the joy she has brought not only to my life but to the life of her family and I understand that although I made some poor choices I made the best out of a poor situation. I've made a promise to myself in the last couple years. One day I will tell Ally and all my children that I made sacrifices for them but am proud of my decisions.

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The Powells said...

I am so addicted to this story. Keep going! lol