Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Basket of Thanks

I wished in so many ways that I could tell Lori and Barton about their newest addition in person. However, since I had never met them I needed a way to do it as a surprise. Because I had decided so soon in my pregnancy that I was placing I didn't have "proof" that I would be having a girl. So in their basket I included both baby boy and baby girl things. I remember getting the boy stuff and thinking..."well this is sure a waste of money!"...but I didn't want to promise them something without the proof.
This is the basket that I put together. I also wrote a letter letting them know that I wanted them to adopt my baby and that as I read through their letter I truly felt of the love that they had for eachother and for both of their children.I asked my case worker if I could tell them on Thanksgiving. I mean wouldn't that be the coolest thanksgiving ever.... find out your getting a baby... AWESOME! My case worker however told me that the agency would be closed and they wouldn't have a way of getting the basket to Lori and Barton that day. I settled for the wednesday before. I dropped the basket off in the morning and was told that their case worker would some how get them into the office so that they would be surprised by the basket. Little did their case worker know how hard she was going to have to beg and plead for them to come into the office.

Lori was at home playing with the boys when Steph, their case worker, called them. She told Lori that she would need to talk to both her and Barton. They did a conference call. Steph told them that because of some changes that were being made at the agnecy they would need to come in that day and fill out some extra paper work to get things moved over online. Lori wasn't very happy about that. Her response was... "Can't we do it after the Holiday? We have family in town and would like to be with them tonight" Steph understood but secretly knew that Lori and Barton would really want to come in for their package. She tried her best to not tell them but finally had to say to them... "There is something here that I think you guys would really like to see." Lori immediatly said she would find a sitter for the boys and would be there in no more than 10 minutes. Barton however was still lost. He didn't understand what the big deal was. Lori decided that instead of ruin the surprise for him she would just demand that he leave work immediatly and head to the agency... my kind of woman... He did as he was told. They met at the agency and were over joyed to find out that they would be receiving a baby. They tried to call me but because I was at work I didn't answer the first time. They then wrote me an email. One that to this day I hold dear to my heart.

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