Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grandfather from HADES

I still got emailed from Branden asking me how I was doing and what was going on with the baby. Most of which I completely ignored. There were a few times where I would let him know how miserably sick I was and that he would be better of not asking me. Never did I think that Branden's grandfather would email me. Not only email me, but berate me through email. I am choosing not to post the full contents of the emails because of the rude, horrible, and hurtful things he said. BUT a few key points....
  • "I can not believe that a religion such as yours (LDS) would encourage you to give your own flesh and blood away to strangers"
  • "I am a strong believe in God's will and you can never tell me or my family that you giving our daughter, granddaughter, and niece away to strangers is God's will."
  • "A man of faith once told me, 'The book of Mormon has answers to any question you may have.' I too am a man of faith and I say to you, GO READ YOUR D*M% BOOK AGAIN!"
  • "Don't think for a minute I will stand by and let you hurt my family as you plan to."
  • "I will take whatever action is needed, even if that means raising the child on my own.
How could anyone think that they knew what was better for my child than me. How could anyone think that making me feel like I was ruining people's lives would help the situation. My response wasn't nice, to say the least.

How dare you email me and tell me things that I don't care to hear. Obviously your family is more dysfunctional than I thought. You need to talk to your grandson before you email me. He doesn't even want the child in the first place. So why don't you get off your high horse and climb a creek and die for all I care. (rude I know but man was I angry) If you think for one second I will let some crazy old man get in the way of giving my child to the family that she belongs to you've got another thing coming. BACK OFF! Email me again and you'll never have a fighting chance of ever seeing this child!

I never did get a response back. I think I made myself clear. But little did I know that my threats would soon be valid and I'd be giving everything I had to make sure this child went where she belonged!

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Sassy Christian Momma said...

wowzers! You have GUTS and i LOVE IT!!! Good on you- lady!