Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Perfect Meeting

Dear Katelyn-
We cannot express how happy we are at this moment. What a fun way to find out that you have chosen us; with our others we just got a phone call. How cute is this basket of fun baby things. You are so sweet. Thank you.--We just wish so much that we could pick up the phone and call you-or even better-have them tell us you are in the next room and we could just go over and hug you and meet you in person. --They say we can meet face-to-face soon, and we are thrilled about that.
--We met Talaisha and she said we could call you, but she tried and couldn't get you. So we'll continue to try to express our feelings through this letter. We just already love you. -I was at my mom's house when I was talking to Stefanie (our caseworker) so I left our boys with her to come to the Centerville office. We cannot wait to tell our boys. Just yesterday Spencer told us at breakfast that we have got to have more kids come to our family so we can fill up our empty chairs at the table. PLUS just a few days ago we had a couple we didn't know every well over for breakfast on a Sunday morning {SIDE NOTE--This is the SAME Sunday that I prayed about placing with them--end of side note} and Spencer announced to them that we're going to have a new baby come to our family. I was dying inside since they just looked at me like- "Is this true?" Luckily Barton explained things to them. So needless to say, the boys will be ecstatic whether this sweet baby is a boy or a girl. "That is how we feel. We would love either one so much. There are such good things about either one.
Katelyn, you have been in our prayers-of course we didn't know exactly who you were, but we continually prayed that Heavenly Father will help the birth mother who is ours feel that connection. We are just so excited to meet you in person.
You were so kind about us in the letter you wrote us; we want to assure you that we will do all we can to be the best parents that your baby could ever ask for. We loved learning a little about you in the letter, an can't wait to meeting you in person SOON! Sorry if this letter seems jumbled; our minds are just racing with excitement right now.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. As you can imagine ours will be like no other we've ever experienced.
Lori and Barton

Doesn't that just give you chills. I didn't get this later until after I had actually met Lori and Barton. I missed their phone call so after I finished taking care of a few things I called them back. I luckily caught them just in time. I had things I needed to do in Salt Lake so I headed their from Roy. I don't remember the conversation we had on the phone, I only remember pulling up to the agnecy and wondering, how in the world did I get here. I told Lori and Barton... "I have to go, I'll be right there."

I walked into the agency and down the hall and Lori's head peaked out from inside a room, my heart skipped a beat. I was really meeting them. They had no idea I was there when I hung up. That was probably the best few hours that I spent with them. Getting to know more about them, their lives, their personalities. And letting them know more about me, my life and my very stranger personality. We met and vowed that we would see each other soon.

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Sassy Christian Momma said...

wow! Absolutely Loving your blog! It gives me hope that Our Next Birth MOM will see us and Just have that same feeling as you wrote about. we have 2 kids (one bio one adopted-the oldest) and my husband is adopted as well. We are awaiting our 3rd Miracle and after reading your blog- i have hope:) Thanks. Keep up the great writing!