Friday, August 6, 2010

Two weeks

Two weeks later I went back to that same free clinic in Ogden. Same cute old lady did the test, took me back in the same room to tell me the results. And then these words came out of her mouth... "Congratulations! You're pregnant! How do you plan on telling your husband?" First thoughts through my mind... well my life is screwed... First words out of my mouth... "I'm 18 and NOT married." I don't think I'll ever forget the look on her face, sheer shock and embarrassment. Then... "Well here's a hand out on how to tell your parents" HAHAHA!!! Some lame packet on how to tell my parents was NOT, let me repeat that, NOT going to help me! At that point all I could think was.... My mom is going to kill me. The first person I called was of course my sister-in-law Mary, who had come with me the first time. She told me that everything would work out and that I should more than likely tell my mom, sooner rather than later. Then she told me something that I truly believe was prompted from Heavenly Father. "Katelyn I really think you need to go talk to someone at LDS Family Services." I brushed it off because I knew what that meant, she thought adoption was a good choice for my situation. I hung up with Mary and dialed my mom's number. I sat there for five minutes staring at the phone, praying that she wouldn't kill me. I finally gained the courage to call my mom. She picked up after about the 3rd ring. I was kind of hoping she wouldn't answer and then I could just not tell her. Our conversation goes as follows:
Mom: "Hey Kate what's up"
Me: "Are you sitting down"
Mom: "Ya I'm driving, why?"
Me: "Pull over."
Mom: "Why?"
Me: "Just pull over."
Mom: "ok, what's going on?"
Me: "Mom, I'm pregnant"
Those three words are words you don't want to hear from my mother. They are not good words. As I drove from Ogden to Layton what Mary had said about LDS Family Services kept running through my mind. But being my stubborn self I pushed it aside and told myself that I was keeping this baby, no matter what anyone said. Little did I know the conversation I was about to have with my mother.

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