Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bishop Meek?

After meeting with Lori and Barton we exchanged numbers and set up another meeting out side of the agency. After getting together I asked Lori if she would like to come to my dr appointment with me. I wanted this to be as much their pregnancy as it was mine. They weren't able with their first 2 adoptions to experience any of it. I wanted Lori to feel as though she was carrying her own child. As we sat in the room waiting for the dr Lori told me how special this was for her. She had never been to the dr for an appointment such as this. My heart broke for her. This woman I already cared deeply for would never know the joy of feeling her child move within her. She would never give birth. She would never breast feed. It was at that moment that I decided that Lori and Barton would be in the room when THEIR child was born.
In walked Dr. Meek and I could see Lori's face change. She then said, "Bishop Meek?" He turned and said "Lori Dale?" Come to find out Dr. Meek was the Bishop that sent Lori on her mission. This wonderful Dr had truly become part of the circle of people that God needed to bring into my life. Through the months to come Dr Meek would play a key role in allowing Lori and Barton to experience my pregnancy full force. Ever appointment that they came to, not only did he let them know how I was doing, but also how the baby was doing. He talked to me many different times about the choice I was making and how strong he thought I was. I will never forget how Dr Meek assured me that he would let the hospital staff know that Lori and Barton were to be treated as equal parts of the process. He even called in, on vacation, when I delivered early to let the staff know. What a great man!

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